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FARMA represents farmers, growers, producers and farmers' market organisers throughout the UK. We are the only organisation in the UK dedicated to supporting the local direct sales sector and driving local foods.

12 Southgate Street
SO23 9EF
Phone  0845 45 88 420

A farmers' market is a market in which farmers, growers or producers from a defined local area are present in person to sell their own produce, direct to the public. All products sold should have been grown, reared, caught, brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed by the stallholder.
FARMA, the National Farmers' Retail & Markets Association indipendently assesses and certifies farmers' markets round the country to make sure they're the 'real deal' so you can be confident you are buying the freshest, most local produce possible, supporting your local community and economy, and helping the environment by reducing food-miles. Look out for the certification logo below!
FARMA standards launched June 2002.
FARMA Certification logo
Click here for more on market guidelines and FARMA Certification.