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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Central Otago Farmers' Market

Check out the Central Otago Farmers' Market. A seasonal Farmers' Market providing quality, fresh food direct from the producers.

In a country that can grow almost anything, farmers' markets are a rapidly-developing Kiwi phenomenon with over 50 operating throughout New Zealand.
As you travel around the country, farmers' markets provide a great insight into the regional heartland and are an ideal place to sample fresh, local fare, meet the locals and experience the New Zealand way of life.
Each market reflects its regional difference with the climatic conditions and environmental changes playing a role in the range of produce from north to south. You won't find the sub-tropical fruits of the north on stalls in Southland, nor is it likely the South Island's boutique beers and ocean catches will appear at markets in Northland.
In order to be an "authentic" farmers' market, each must be a food-only market, with no resellers allowed, so those who have grown or made the food are the ones selling it.
This seasonal market starts at the beginning of November and runs every Sunday through until the last Sunday of Feburary.

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